LZ Productions

LZ Productions Creation

LZ Productions is a custom script, build, animations, video production & graphics company established in 2007. The company is owned by Twstd Ruggles and Abu Ashby. As well as serving clients with custom needs through out the years, LZ Productions is also owner and creator of Mon Cheri Adoption panels and Dating Panels systems. Known for their excellent customer service and professionalism, LZ Productions has been involved with many known projects with their clients such as Krazy Kittys and Blooming Butterflies.

After spending much time involved with breedable pets, LZ Productions decided to make Jingjings keeping in mind what most breedable pets owners want in a pet. We are very proud to make such a unique pet and are very confident you have never seen a breedable pet system like ours.

Twstd Ruggles - Founder/Co owner of LZ Productions since 2007. Creator/Co-owner of Oahu Vacation Resort, Weddings in Oahu, Kauai Surf Island, Krazy Kitty Island, Blooming Butterfly Island. Co owner of TwstdHeart Productions a film productions company specializing in machinima. Creator/Producer of The Stream Scene a music television show seen on Treet.tv.

Slade "Luis" Mano - Co-owner of LZ Productions since 2015. Knowledgeable in over five programming languages including PHP, LSL , Python, C/C++ and Javascript.

Jingjing Support Staff

The Jingjing support staff has been working with us for well over a year and carry great knowledge about breedable pets in Second Life. Our support staff are working around the clock to help answer any questions you may have or need assistance with your pet. Please open the Jingjing Breedable Pets group chat to contact our staff members.

Jingjing Staff Manager
Cordelia Serenity