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2017-07-13 20:31:49 by krissy101074 Eiren

Nihao We will be at the KT Festival to support Autism. The event runs from July 14 - 30 and will include  some new, exciting activities, hunts and competitions. We will be selling a special jing jing egg called zi bi zheng for L$ 500 with half the proceeds going to autism awareness. Come check out our booth to see the special jingjing we have  there.http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rosemist%20Isle/118/19/23

Thank you everyone for your support and hope to see you at the fair


Jingjings Update!! NEW MAIN STORE

2017-02-14 20:34:40 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao all!! After a year hiatus I am back and back in control of LZ Productions.  I want to thank Sasch Petrov and his staff for taking care of the pets while i was gone.  I am happy to announce that I will be expanding the Jingjing line with more interactive items and more breeds in 2017. We still have many people using the pets so its my goal to continue to add breed and continue developing the pet. We are currently working on some glitches on the pond and with the holding animation.  Once we have worked out those issues we will be releasing an update on the pet.  I have moved our main store so please sure to save the new landmark http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Oahu/1/1/3001

I am happy to be back and continue to work with the Jingjings and all the faithful followers. Thank you


Twstd Ruggles

Joy Luck Jings & New interactive items!

2015-04-04 00:55:04 by Cordelia Serenity

"Good things come to those who wait" :=) - The Joy Luck Jings are out now!!!! They are available in the vendors at the mainstore now! And not only them - the new interactive items "See Saw" and "Swing Set" are also available at the mainstore.

Thank you all again for all your patience and support. Have fun with your new JingJings and happy jingering!

Cordelia Serenity

Joy Luck Jing Release on April 3rd!

2015-03-17 23:13:27 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,

We are happy to announce the public release of the Joy Luck Jings on April 3rd 2015. Anyone who purchased a presale pack will received double their order on April 1st. I will personally deliver them to you in alphabetical order so please do no message me on April 1st asking for your pack. I will contact you when it is your turn. Anyone who isn't online at time of delivery will get their pack when they are online to ensure the packs get to

What you missed at Q & A today!

2015-02-27 14:08:26 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,

Today me and my new business partner and scripter Luis025 held a Q & A at the mainstore today. We have a few announcements to make.

1. Joy Luck Jings will be ready for release in 1 month. The exact date will be announced soon.

2. As promised, I will be putting presale packs down for 1 week only starting 2/28/15. Since we didn't give warning when we picked them up we are giving all a chance to get one this week.

3. Happy to announce I have assembled a new team which consists of myself, Luis and the creators of Gempandas to work on the release of new pet called Meerkatz.

4. Anyone wanting to switch out their Joy Luck Jing Presale pack for a presale pack for Meekatz, will be given the opportunity to do so. As promised those who purchased a pre sale pack will receive double of what they paid for as our way of saying sorry for such a long wait. Anyone opting to switch their presale packs for one from Meerkatz CANNOT receive double of the new pets pre sale pack. More details will be released on how you can go about switching your pre sale packs.

5. It is our goal to fulfill our obligations to release the Joy Luck Jings to the public as promised. Once they are released we will continue to maintain and support the Jingjings and Joy Luck Jings but we will be concentrating our efforts into the Meerkatz and their release and success to the breedable community.

Please be sure to join the Meerkatz group to hear about the progress and when they will be released to the public. Keep an eye out in the store (same store as Jingjings) next week for a demo proto of what the Meerkat will look like.

Lastly, I want to thank all our supporters for hanging in with us as we recovered from losing our original scripter and one of the creators of the Jingjings. I am happy and confident that Luis can get the job done promptly and efficiently. Its been a rough year but I am glad its over and we are moving on with exciting things ahead of us.



***IMPORTANT Q & A*** Friday February 27th @ 1pm slt

2015-02-25 01:47:11 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,
As some of you have heard, I have found a new scripter and business partner to pick up where Abu left off. Please join us on Friday at the main store to hear updates and news on the release of Joy Luck Jings. I will take all questions about status of the pets completion and pre sale packs. I will also be making very important announcement so hope you all can be there for this very exciting news!!

Half off of Everything in our store!!

2014-07-29 22:28:49 by Twstd Ruggles

Dear Jingjing Masters,

We wanted to show our appreciation to you all for being so patient during difficult time of completing updates and releasing the new JLJs.  So we have put all items in our vendors at has half off the regular price.  This sale will last till this Sundamy August 3rd @ 11:30pm slt.  The half off items can only be purchased from our vendors in world not on the marketplace.  Enjoy!

JingJing Update and Joy Luck Jings Release Status

2014-07-24 03:14:10 by Cordelia Serenity

Dear Jingjing Masters,

I wanted send you a quick update on the progress of our release of Joy Luck Jings and the updates for the Jingjings.

We had a long list of things that needed to get done before we can release the updates and the new JLJs. I am happy to say that we have completed all but the last task on our list. This is going to be our most intense task on the list but we already have two weeks spent on it and all is going well so far. I feel confident enough to say that we are about 70% done with our work and if all goes well we can release really soon. I won't make any promises just in case any unforseen circumstances arise.

I am currently moving across state at the end this week so I will be offline for a few days until my broadband is all up and running. Any broken eggs may take a bit longer to get fixed this week but we will get them back to you ASAP. We appreciate your support and patience as we continue to work hard on getting those updates and new pets released to you as soon as possible.

Twstd R Kleinfeld
LZ Productions

JingJing Monthly Breeding Goal - Contest July 2014

2014-07-06 01:44:31 by Cordelia Serenity

And here we go! First contest is started. 

For the beginning we keep it really easy, so new ppl do have a chance to take part in this too. So this is what we want you to go for:

Breed: -does not matter but NO starter breed-
Size: -does not matter-
Eyes: Mao - color does not matter- (= color does not matter, just has to have Mao eyes)
Tail: Maorongrong
Ears: Luozi
Hair: -does not matter but NO starter hair please-

Just come over to the mainstore. In the back on the left site you find a box - just click it and it gives you a NC with everything you need to go for the contest.

For any more questions just contact Cordelia Serenity.

Good luck! :=)

JingJing Mainstore

NEW!!! JingJing Monthly Breeding Contest!

2014-07-05 03:13:10 by Cordelia Serenity

What is it?
Every month there will be a certain goal you can try to breed for. We will announce it in group, on the website and on the BPM Blog.

What can you win?
The first 3 breeders who breed this special JingJing will win:
*1. breeder: 1 Jumbo Egg Roll
*2. breeder: 1 Large Starter Pack
*3. breeder: 1 Medium Starter Pack

Who does it work?
Every 1st Sunday of the month we will announce what to go for in group, on the website and on the BPM Blog. Also you will find a "Monthly Breeding Goal Box" in the mainstore where you can get a NC with the stats you have to breed for. This NC contains also a "Contest NC".
When your breeding was successful you file in the Contest NC and also put the date in when you got the egg (IMPORTANT!). Then you just drop the NC into the mailbox right next to the goal box in the mainstore.
(Please keep in mind - we will check the date of egg birth too. In the unexpected case that somebody does try to cheat this breeder will be ejected from the contest as well as from all futher JingJing contests. This is just to protect the community - we know you are all honest breeders :=))

Any more questions? Just ask Cordelia Serenity.

We hope you do enjoy the monthly contests :=)
Good luck and happy jingjing breeding :=)

Cordelia Serenity
JingJing Manager

Next LEs for sale!

2014-06-14 01:49:31 by Cordelia Serenity

From this Saturday till next week Saturday (June 14th - June 21th) these LEs are out for sale:

Pingguo zhongzi (Johnny Appleseed) & Duli Ri (4th of July)

So do not miss the chance to get them! Up in the mainstore for one week only!

JingJing Mainstore

***Jingjings/Joy Luck Jings Status Updates 5/18/14***

2014-05-18 14:30:18 by Twstd Ruggles

(to those who missed the Q & A on Friday)

Ni hao Jingjing Masters,

First I want to thank you all for your patience as we have been working on updates and the release of the new Joy Luck Jings. We called the Q & A this week to update you on the progress and things happening with the pets.

First, I want to announce that my partner and scripter 7 years, Abu Ashby has left Second Life, LZ Productions and the Jingjings. We are very sad to see him go and wish him the best in his future endeavors.

As you know this puts me as sole owner now in a bit of difficult situation. I have spent alot of time trying to find a suitable scripter to replace Abu but very happy that we do have someone who has filled the position.

I hired Brunswick last month and he has been doing his best to study and become familiar with our system and how Abu has coded it to work. I have also hired someone else on staff to help us continue to finish the new traits and textures so the new scripter can get them into the database and we can release the new Joy Luck Jings as soon as possible.

The scripter has successfully fixed the gemstone hunt server and once we release, it will be able to work on any size parcel as well as in sky boxes and on top of prims instead of just Linden ground. He has also completed the new interactive swing and see saw. So progress is happening just in a moderate pace until the new scripter is familiar with all aspects of our system. Only thing left to do now is to get all the new breeds and traits in the system. In order for this to be done correctly, Brunswick will have to continue to study our coding and learn how our system works so he can continue to work on what Abu has started. Abu has been kind enough to offer our new scripter any advice and support should we need it and is also hosting our servers for us. We appreciate Abu's assistance to us as we make the transition and move forward to get everything released.

I still am not able to promise a date as I cannot predict how much time the new scripter will need to study and continue our work. We don't anticipate it to be too much longer and appreciate your patience with us.

My staff has informed me that many of you are worried about presale packs and money spent on them. I just wanted to address this issue so all are clear on what will happen in any case. First let me mention that I have been doing business here in Second Life for over 7 years now and I pride myself on the work that has been accomplished here. Besides the pets I have other projects and business I conduct here in SL. I have many commitments here and I am not going anywhere and I plan to see the Joy Lucks JIngs happen no matter what obstacles are thrown at me. Rest assure that in the worst case scenario for some reason or unforseen circumstance occurs and something goes wrong and we can not release them, then it will be my obligation to refund everyone their money for the presale packs they purchased. So please don't worry about losing your money. No one is going to take off with your money like we have seem some other people do in SL. We just ask you to please be patient with us during this transitioning and we promise we will continue to work hard and keep you updated with progress. Thanks very much for your continued patronage and support to our pets.

Twstd Ruggles
LZ Productions


Q & A Friday May 16th @ 1pm slt at the mainstore

2014-05-14 00:50:43 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters, For those who haven't seen, Joy Luck Jing pre sale packs were removed from the store this week. I know you all have alot of questions about the JLJs so please come to the Q & A this Friday to hear the latest on progress and status of the release. Q & A will be held at the mainstore at BPM

Jingjing Easter Party - April 18th 1pm slt

2014-04-08 12:09:19 by Twstd Ruggles

Ihunt Spring Hunt starts April 12th

2014-04-08 11:39:48 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,

Just a reminder the Spring Hunt begins on April 12th.  We are giving away mini starter packs to those who participate in the hunt.  You can register for the hunt by clicking the poster at our main store.  Happy Hunting!!

Autism Awareness LE

2014-04-06 23:45:57 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,
For those who did not attend our last Q & A session, just wanted to let you know we have hired a new scripter and sculpter to help abu and I get the work done faster. We are working hard to get the Joy Luck Jings release along with new updates and are getting closer to completing them, so for now there are no new LE's to release. So in honor of Autism Awareness month we have the Zi Bi Zheng LE out for purchase for a short time so grab yours now before they are gone. Thank you.

Ihunts Spring Breedable Hunt Expo

2014-04-06 23:40:44 by Twstd Ruggles

We are proudly participating on the expo going on now and will be participating in the hunt next week. Be sure to check out the expo while its open. slurl is here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Petopia/224/15/352 

Jingjing Main Store Moving to new Location

2014-03-12 01:02:26 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,

Breedables Paradise Market has moved to a new sim and our main store is now located here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paramount/133/53/21 

Be sure to save the landmark so you can pick up your Jingjing supplies.  

Retreating Eggs Glitch Fixed

2014-03-12 01:00:56 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,

Its now safe to retreat your eggs from your own land.  The problem was fixed and should work.  If you have any future problems with retreating eggs please be sure to file a ticket so we can resolve the issue.  Thank you.


2014-03-09 01:37:06 by Cordelia Serenity

Server is moved now, up and running again. So ALL CLEAR again :=)


Happy Jingering to all!

Cordelia Serenity

JingJing Manager


2014-03-05 04:44:44 by Cordelia Serenity

On Saturday, March 8th and Sunday, March the 9th the server will be moved. During that time please stay away from hatching eggs, unpartner or repartner your jings or move them from one home to the other until you get the "ALL CLEAR" from us again. For any problems you may have with the jings please file support ticket as usual. For any more question just contact Cordelia Serenity. Thank you :=)


Cordelia Serenity,

JingJing Manager

JingJing Event

2014-02-19 03:43:28 by Cordelia Serenity

Friday, 21th of February we will have a great JingJing Event at the BPM MadHouse!


Starting at 12PM with a Q&A session with the JingJing Creators Twstd & Abu 

Main topic: Joy Luck Jings

but of course you also can ask all your questions about jingjing you may have :=)


At 1PM we will start with the 

Bowling For JingJings Tournament

The three best bowlers can win awesome jingjing eggs!

To take part in the tournament just click the tournament board to get your name in.

And of course you already can practice at the bowling alley to make sure you are familiar with the system :=)


See you all on Friday for another great JingJing Event!

Teleport to BPM MadHouse


2014-01-24 02:49:49 by Cordelia Serenity

Hey folks, we are aware that for some reason a lot ppl do not get the gifts when they retreat their eggs and lives. This seems to be a new "trick" SL plays now and we are working to solve this issue. The good news is - it works fine at BPM. So we created a new area next to the JingJing Mainstore for you called "Retreat Egg and Pet Area". You find it left hand to the mainstore and big signs will lead you too ;=) At this area you can now retreat your eggs and live jingjings in case it does not work at your home land - and you also do NOT need any group there. Just make sure you only rez and retreat your stuff IN this area. For ppl who have the BPM group you can retreat wherever you want of course ;=) The area is at


Hope this help you all out a bit.


Cordelia Serenity, JingJing Manager

Happy New Year Jingjing Masters!

2014-01-05 14:01:43 by Twstd Ruggles

On behalf of the entire Jingjing family, we would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year for 2014!! Our 2014 New Year Limited Edition Jingjing is now available in our store for purchase.  

Jingjing Charity Auction December 15th - 23rd

2013-12-14 04:11:39 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,

Its the time of year to give so please come show your support for a great cause at our Charity auction located at the left side of our main store at BPM.

Jingjing Q & A and Christmas Party at RFL Expo!

2013-12-11 23:22:14 by Twstd Ruggles

Please join us for the last Jingjing party for 2013.  We are giving away lots of eggs and goodies so don't miss it! Details on the poster below! Party is here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/RFL%20Christmas%20Festival/173/226/24 

Christmas Limited Edition Jingjing now available in main sto

2013-12-09 16:20:47 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,

You can now pick up this cutie below in our main store for a limited time.  Great Christmas gift for the kids and loved ones.


RFL One of a Kind Auction offering from Jingjings

2013-12-06 02:13:00 by Twstd Ruggles

Bidding is now open for the One of A Kind Auction at the Relay For Life Expo.  Proceeds of our offering is going to support this great cause.  If you want to bid on these items you can find the bid board is located here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/RFL%20Christmas%20Festival/173/226/24

The auction ends on December 7th @ 4pm slt so get your bids in before its too late.  Picture of super pack is below.

Relay For Life Christmas Breedables Expo going on now!

2013-12-02 16:10:03 by Twstd Ruggles

Its that time of year for the RFL Xmas Expo. Lots of exciting things to see there so be sure to check it out before its over on the 16th.  We have donated a limited edition Gingerbread house for homing your Jingjings.  So please show your support this season for the RFL and pick up a copy of the LE home.


You can purchase this at the RFL only for 16 days.  http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b311/Twstdlj/GingerbreadHouseLEHomevendor_zps4ea0785d.png 


A gentle reminder of how to handle problems with your JingJi

2013-11-25 06:20:06 by Cordelia Serenity

We have a special Support System, created to handle all your problems with JingJings in the best way. It just looks like still ppl do not know how to use it so here is a gentle reminder of what you should do if you have any issues or problems with your JingJings:

♦ You need to be registered on the website
♦ Go to the website - log in - go to "Submit ticket"
♦ Please put as much informations in your ticket as possible, specially names AND IDs of the jingjings you have issues with
♦ We will take care about your issues AS SOON AS POSSIBLE - and we will also answer you via this ticket system so it is good to check your tickets out too!

Please do NOT IM support members or creators with "I filled a ticket what shall I do now?" (or something)!!!!!!!

You can be SURE that we take care about all your issues AS SOON AS WE CAN! But this can just take some time. Please keep in mind that even when we are only we are busy with other things too and we also have a RL to take care of. Also you are not the only one with issues, other ppl have problems with JingJings too. We alway work the tickets in the order they are put in.
IMing support members or creators about your tickets does NOT help, it only slows things down and we all do NOT want this to happen. Normally we are able to fix all your issues within a day.

So please - if you have issues with your JingJings - please fill a ticket and be a BIT patient. This is the best you to help you fast. Anything else is just counterproductive :=)

Thank you very much for understanding and helping us to work for you in the best way :=)

Twstd, Abu & Cord

Joy Luck Jings Presale Packs now available!

2013-11-18 14:29:36 by Twstd Ruggles

Joy Luck Jing Presale packs are now available for a limited time.  Those who purchase a pack of eggs will also receive a special limited edition Joy Luck Jing Egg that won't be available anywhere or anyway else besides the pre sale pack orders. There is no food or homes included in the packs because they don't require different food or homes from your regular Jingjings. Presale Packs will be delivered 3 days prior to public release. Pls read vendors carefully before purchasing. thank you. Available only at our main store.

Thanksgiving Limited Edition now available!

2013-11-18 04:10:20 by Twstd Ruggles

This cutie is available for a short time so be sure to pick up a copy at our main store.  

2013-10-30 12:56:42 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,
This month marked our first year since we released the Jingjings to the public. Please join us this Saturday for big celebration party. We will do Q & A, Zhanzheng Tourny and Costume contest giving away lots of eggs, gifts and prizes. This is the party you don't want to miss so mark your calendars!! Party invitation is below. Hope to see you all there!

Unearthly Hunt starting today! LE hidden in store!

2013-10-21 02:24:54 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,
Yes its true, we have last years Halloween Limited Edition Egg hidden for the HuntsRUs Unearthly Hunt going on now. You can participate by purchasing a HUD in front of our building. If you haven't seen the Nangua Tou Limited Edition Jingjing from last year, there is a photo of it below.

Joy Luck Jings!! Coming soon!

2013-10-14 02:54:50 by Twstd Ruggles

The rumors are true.  A whole new kind of Jings are on their way! Join the Jingjing Breedable Pets group to hear more about their arrival.

New Halloween Limited Editions Available Now!

2013-10-07 13:04:09 by Twstd Ruggles

This months Limited Editions are made in honor of Halloween this month.  Thanks to ShayneTaylor for the awesome job he did on these cuties.  These 2 will only be available for a limited time so come grab one from our main store now!


24 Hour Half off Mini Starter Pack Sale now!!

2013-09-23 23:49:04 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,

This months 24 hour sale starts now and will end 9/25/13 @ midnight slt.  Come pick up your mini starter packs at 650L each.  Don't miss out!

Johnny Appleseed Limited Edition

2013-09-22 01:56:25 by Twstd Ruggles

In honor of Johnny Appleseed Day on September 25th we have created a Limited Edition in honor of this legend pioneer.  This cutie is available for a couple weeks only in our store so be sure to pick one up before he is gone.  Photo below.

Jingjing Store Relocated @ BPM

2013-08-31 00:47:54 by Twstd Ruggles

We have moved our main store to BPM.  You can find us here  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Purple%20Sky/122/215/23

Be sure to save a landmark when visiting.

Jingjing Store Relocation Summer Celebration

2013-08-19 22:52:38 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,

Please join us on August 26th at our new store location at BPM (Breedables Paradise Market).  Party will kick off at 11am slt and we plan to do a Q & A, Zhanzheng Demonstration, Zhanzheng Tournament, Music party, contest, free eggs and gifts for everyone.  Hope to see you all there.  Poster below with details of the party.

Jingjing Main Store Moving to BPM

2013-08-19 22:42:45 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,

On August 26th we will be officially moving our main store to Breedables Paradise Market.  This is the same sim you visit for auctions with our manager Cordelia Serenity.  We are happy to bring both locations together for your convenience. For a landmark just visit our main store and click the poster inside with the new landmark.  Copy of poster is below.

Summer Dude Limited Edition

2013-08-19 22:32:48 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,

Thanks to our contest winners maros and Levi for their suggestion on Augusts LE.  He is officially finished and now availabe in our store for purchase.  These cutey pie will be available only until the end of the months so don't miss out on your chance to have him.  Thanks to ShayneTaylor for making him for us.  Photo is below.

Jingjing Problems

2013-07-30 11:59:53 by Cordelia Serenity


When you check your JingJings on the user page of the website and find some are missing - just re-rez them again and they will be shown on the website again ;=)


Retreating and gem hunting works now too, we will start fixing broken and missing jingjings soon.


The system is getting back up and as you can see the website is working now, also the hud and most of jingjings features work now too. Retreating does NOT work as of yet.



We are aware about the problems you have with the JingJings and the website. Abu is working on it but needs to investigate the problem a bit closer so we need to ask for your patience. In the meantime we advice not to hatch eggs or try to retreat them. Thank you all for understanding!

Limited Edition Contest for August

2013-07-23 02:53:56 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,

Since there isn't a major holiday happening in the month of August so we decided to let you all decide what August limited edition Jingjing will be.  To submit your entry, just visit our store and drop a notecard with your name and Limited Edition idea and drop it in the suggestion box at the store.

Winner will be announced Monday, July 29th and will receive a large starter pack and a copy of the limited edition created once its done. Good Luck.

Independence Day Limited Edition Jingjing Available Now!

2013-07-03 14:34:01 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,

Just in time for the holidays, we have the new Duli ri Jingjing in honor of 4th of July Independence Day.  This cutie will only be available for purchase for a limited time so get yours before they are gone.

Gay Pride LE available in the store now.

2013-06-15 02:25:57 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,
In honor of gay pride month we will have the Tongxing zihao limited edition egg on sale for the next 2 weeks. So be sure to drop by and pick up a copy. Sale proceeds from this egg will go to benefit the non profit HRC, Working for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Equal Rights.


Now Available in store and affiliate vendors!

2013-06-04 23:50:22 by Twstd Ruggles

After many requests, we have added a 2 pack of eggs.


48 Hour Half Price Sale on Small Starter Packs

2013-06-03 02:46:46 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,
Since we didn't have a 24 hour sale last month, we are making this months sale for 48 hours. Our small starter packs on are sale at our store now until June 5th at 2am.

Updates & New Interactive Items Available now!

2013-05-31 02:45:48 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters, 

We are happy to finally release the new updates and interactive items today.  With the new updates, you can purchase eggs from our store and those eggs will carry the new traits and breeds we just added to the system.  We have added quite a bit new stuff, so we hope you enjoy discovering them in the upcoming days.  

We decided this update we would add an interactive line of products so you can pick up a copy of our interactive items in our store.  Photos of the tea table, water pond and hop skotch can be seen below.  

The hop skotch and pond items should simply be rezzed down and the Jingjings will interact with them when they are ready for a little fun.  The tea table works for 2 masters and 2 jingjings.  Each master can bring 1 jingjing to the table for tea and steamed buns.  Please note that 1 master cannot seat more than 1 pet at the table.  The table is also simple to use.  Just rezz the table, click and sit at it. Then click the table and when it prompts you to select pet to have tea at the table, just click on the pet you want and he will join you at the table for tea.  We currently have small glitch with tea table.  If your pet does not sit down at the tea table correctly then you need to rotate your table around until he properly sits at the table.  Once we fix the glitch we will redeliver a fixed version to all who has bought a table from our vendors.

Other things you might notice in our vendors are a slight reduction in starter egg prices, practice Zhanzheng table as well as a new home object of the very famous Chinese waving cat. We have also bundled up some of our already existing items like the medicinal herbs and the home objects.  These value packs give you a slight reduction in price for buying more than 1.  Updater boxes can be found in our store in the big box on the floor. We hope you enjoy the new additions to the system and we look forward to bringing you more traits, breeds and interactive items in the near future.


RFL Update & Product Release Party May 30th @ 12pm slt

2013-05-21 16:15:52 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,

Please join us on May 30th at 11am slt when we host a Q & A at our RFL Display.  We will be there to answer any and all questions you have about Jingjings.  Then at 12 noon we will kick off a 2 hour party with a DJ as we celebrate the new updates and release of our new products.  We will have 1000L on the contest board for best in spring floral wear.  We will have the gift giver running with gifts, eggs and all sorts of goodies.  So come rock the RFL Expo the Jingjing Breedable Pet style way!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Breedables%20Fair%201/183/144/23 

Relay For Life Expo May 24th through June 2nd

2013-05-21 12:20:18 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,

The Jingjing Breedable Pet family is proudly participating in this years Relay For Life Expo as  a platinum sponsor.  Be sure to stop by and visit our display and  show your support by purchasing the featured Limited Edition item that will be up for sale during the duration of the fair.  All proceeds will go to benefit Relay For Life.  You can find the Jingjing Display here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Breedables%20Fair%201/183/144/23 To find out more about the fair and the hunt, check out the website link here http://slbreedables.wordpress.com/2013-breedables-fair-treasure-hunt/ 

Hope to see you all there!!

Memorial Day Limited Edition Now Available

2013-05-18 02:31:01 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,

In honor of Memorial Day on May 27th, we have made limited edition Jingjing for the special holiday.  He is now available in our store for purchase. 

Malfunctioning Vendors

2013-05-02 23:00:07 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,

Just want to let you all know there seems to be a delivery problem with our vendors right now. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.. WE h ave contacted the Caspervend creators about the issue and hope to have all fixed soon. You can use marketplace for secure transaction in the meantime. Our market place store is right here https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/119960?id=119960

Cinco De Mayo Limited Edition JIngjing Available now!

2013-05-02 11:00:07 by Twstd Ruggles

You can pick up a copy of this cutie in our store.  Thank you to ShayneTaylor for making this LE.

New Autism Awareness Limited Edition Available now!

2013-04-26 18:15:21 by Twstd Ruggles

Since April is Autism Awareness month, we have this cutie available for purchase in our store now until May 15th.  Get yours before they are all gone!!

Updates coming soon!

2013-04-24 10:48:54 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,

First let me apologize for the delay in getting the new updates out.  As most of you know, Abu has been out sick for sometime and is still has more recovering to do.  We wish him a successful recovery and hope to see him back soon.  In the meantime we have decided to bring in another scripter to our Jingjing Breedable staff so I am happy to announce that LordGregGreg Back has joined our team and will be working hard on getting the current glitch fixed as well and getting the updates ready to go out.  For those who don't know LordGregGreg's work, he is known for his contributions to the developement of the Phoenix and Firestorm viewers.  We welcome LordGregGreg to the Jingjing family and look forward to working with him on our breedabe system.  

Also just a note that due to Abu's absence we have had to cancel the Earth Day Limited Edition for this month.  Please keep an eye out in the next couple days for a Limited Edition Autism Awareness Jingjing.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Jingjing Zhanzheng Battle Tourny this Thursday 1pm slt

2013-04-09 02:16:20 by Twstd Ruggles

420 Limited Edition available now!

2013-04-08 01:44:13 by Twstd Ruggles

In honor of 4/20 this year, we have created an LE Jingjing callled Kuai Yue Sier.  The proceeds of all sales for this pet will go to benefit the non profit group The Compassionate Coalition, a medicial marijuana advocate group working hard to protect rights for the sick and terminally ill. (www.compassionatecoalition.org)  This guy will be gone after 4/20/13 so grab one now while you can.

Zhanzheng Battling in April

2013-03-27 18:46:55 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,

As most of you know we are getting close to releasing a new battle table that will allow you to do practice battles with your pets without losing any power points during the game.  We hope this will help get you warmed up for real battling at the Jingjing Battle Arena.  This upcoming month we plan to host tournaments and we will be giving away prizes to the people in the number 1 slot for Dynasty and top Pet.  So get your Jingjings loaded with power points and get ready for some action on the battlefield.  

Prizes for Leaderboards are as follows and will be given to the winners on the last day of April:

First place pet: 6 Egg starter pack

First place Dynasty: 2 eggs from April's Limited Edition Eggs

*Dynasty Winners must have at least 1 pet participating in battle during the month of April


Tournament dates and prizes will be announced in group notices so keep your eye out for them.

Jingjing Easter Egg Hunt - March 31st at 3pm slt

2013-03-27 14:36:21 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,
To show our appreciation for all our customers, we will be hosting a Jingjing Easter Egg Hunt this Easter Sunday at 3pm slt. Location will be revealed right before the hunt so keep an eye out for notices that day. Bring your friends who have been thinking about becoming a Jingjing Master and let them know we have starter packs, eggs, food, shoulder pets and all sorts of awesome goodies hidden in the eggs. Hope to see you all there.

Zhanzheng Battle Demonstration Sunday 3/23 @ 1pm slt

2013-03-23 13:19:18 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,
We are going to have a Zhanzheng battle demonstration tomorrow at our battle grounds area tomorrow at 1pm slt. If anyone wants to battle, please bring your pet and be sure he has a qualified deck of cards to play. A qualified deck is when your pet has atleast 1 power point on each card. We recommend more than 1 if you want to win a battle. Power points can be given to pet by hunting for gems and gifting them to your pet through your HUD.

iHunt Easter Hunt starts Today!! Get your Easter Jingjing Sh

2013-03-20 00:06:53 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,

Starting today we are proudly participating in the iHunt Easter Hunt.  We currently have the brand new Easter Bunny Shoulder Pet hidden on our sim.  To participate in the hunt just visit the iHunt store here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Saints%20Row/128/51/23 for your Hunt HUD.  Hunt ends March 31st.

Q & A today March 14th @ 1pm slt at Pre Hunt Expo

2013-03-14 02:38:33 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,

Please join us today at the iHunts Pre hunt Expo today at 1pm slt for a Q & A session with the makers of Jingjings.  This is your chance to ask anything about the pets and hear about whats new coming soon.  Here is your limo http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Saints%20Row/224/48/24 

Limited Edition Easter Jingjing now available at our store

2013-03-12 01:05:14 by Twstd Ruggles

You can get this cutie in our store now through the day after Easter. 

Pre Bunny Hunt Expo starts tomorrow.

2013-03-09 14:42:01 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,
Tomorrow we will be participating in the Pre Bunny Hunt Expo. It will run till the 17th then the official Bunny Hunt will start. We will be hiding a special Easter gift on our sim once the expo ends. Be sure to stop by the expo tomorrow and visit all the great creators who are also participating.


Updated Sponsor Page & Updating Gemstone Hunt Location HUD

2013-03-08 03:06:17 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao everyone,
We have finally cleaned up the sponsors wall in our store and our website http://jingjing.info/index.php?page=sponsors . If your a sponsor pls check to make sure you on our site. If you aren't on there please contact me.
We want to update gemstone hunt location HUD so please visit our forum here http://jingjing.info/index.php?page=forum&function=view&cat=0&id=92  and let us know if you are hosting a gemstone server on your land. Thank you.

New St. Patrick Day Limited Edition Jingjing

2013-03-04 23:30:43 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,

The new Yaojing JIngjing will be available for 3 weeks at our store in expressions.  Be sure to grab one of these cuties before they are all gone!

Jingjing Official Trait Chart Now Available

2013-03-01 02:35:34 by Twstd Ruggles

Ni hao Jingjing Masters,

Finally we have a completed chart of traits and breeds of ones that have been birthed so far.  There are still traits and breeds not discovered but will be added to the chart once they are birthed.  These charts update themselves so no need to get new one in the future.  These charts will be also found on our website in the next couple days. You can pick up your chart free in our store. If you have discovered a new trait or breed please send us a photo and let us know. Thanks!

Moolto Sister Hunt Starts March 1st through 31st

2013-03-01 01:59:55 by Twstd Ruggles

We are proudly participating in Mooltos new hunt this month.  Check out all the goodies and other business owners participating in this hunt.  We have a moolto kiosk in front of the store.  info here http://moolto.ning.com/group/mooltosistershunt 

Glitch Fixed

2013-02-23 15:13:26 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,

We have fixed the glitch and its safe to partner and breed your Jingjings again. Sorry for the inconvience and appreciate your patience.

Mating Glitch

2013-02-23 11:16:31 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,

A glitch has been discovered when mating your Jingjings and we are quickly working on a fix for it.  In the meantime to prevent more issues we are asking you to please unpartner your Jingjings until further notice. Thank you and sorry for the inconveinence.

Update Your Jingjings & Homes - Pick up updater in store

2013-02-21 12:26:11 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,

I know we promised an update in March but unfortunately, due to the dishonest dealings of some people we are doing an update now. There was an exploit being used on our food so we are updating your pets as well as our food. All pets and homes will automatically update with our updater box, but you will have to contact our support staff for food replacements.  We will be set up at the Zhanzheng Battle Arena to replace all old food boxes.  Bring your old food to the arena and rezz out for one of our CSRs.  The CSR will then click new food dispenser and it will deliver you a replacement. We apologize for the inconvenience, but this is only way we can keep others from continuing to exploit our system.  **PLEASE NOTE** If you do not update your pets or food to the newest versions, they will not be able to lay eggs anymore, so be sure to update right way. The only other change you will see with this update is that you will now be able to name your eggs.

We still plan to have another update in March to implement our new interactive items as well as the new traits and breeds.  We appreciate your patronage and hope you love the Jingjings as much as we love to make them.

Glitch with Giant Size Jingjing

2013-02-07 14:20:54 by Twstd Ruggles

For those who don't know already, some of the giants aren't growing to their full size and are staying at large size.  We are working on a fix and it will be released on upcoming updates in March.  In the meantime to fix them, just click on their menu and select HOLD ME.  Once you wear him on your shoulders he will grow to full size.  You can put him down after that and he should be full giant size. Thanks Mrs. H for helping us find the fix to the glitch. 

Jingjing Chinese New Year 2013 Party on February 10th At 12

2013-02-07 01:14:56 by Twstd Ruggles

We got lots of fun planned and goodies to give away at this special celebration.  We will also have some exciting news to announce on the new things happening with the Jingjings.  

Jingjings Get More Interactive

2013-01-05 13:19:04 by Twstd Ruggles

We are currently in the process of adding interactive items to our system and want to hear your suggestions and feed back.  Please visit our forum here http://jingjing.info/index.php?page=forum&function=view&cat=0&id=86 and post your ideas and suggestions on the types of things you would like to see your Jingjings do.  We appreciate your feedback and ideas.  Thank you.

Zhanzheng Winners for December

2013-01-05 12:25:24 by Twstd Ruggles

Congratulations to BigJohn Resident and his pet Mogui for being at the top of the leaderboard.  Congratulations to top dynasty Blue lotus of shanghai for taking the top slot this month.  Prizes will be sent to you all today.

January battle prizes are as follows.  Top pet and owner wins a copy of our Valentines LE released next month.  Top dynasty active players will win a 2 Egg Starter Pack.  Good Luck to you and don't forget the game has changed and now battle losers only lose half the power points.

2013 New Years Limited Edition Jingjing available now til Ja

2012-12-29 03:24:21 by Twstd Ruggles

Can be purchased in our store on Expressions sim.


Jingjing Christmas Gift Giveaway at midnight tonight!

2012-12-24 13:16:13 by Twstd Ruggles

Merry Christmas Jingjing Masters,
We hope you all have a great Christmas tomorrow. To show our appreciation to you all we are giving away lots of goodies starting at midnight.  We are hosting this on a full sim instead of our homestead so more people are able to be there. All you have to do is hang out in the area of the Giant Jingjings and Xmas Tree and wait for the 3 gift givers to give out gifts around the clock for 24 hours. Enjoy! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Oahu/25/139/22 

New Gemstones Hunt Servers & HUDs

2012-12-23 12:32:33 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao everyone,

Today we have updated the HUDs and Gemstone Hunt Servers.  New HUDs can be obtained by wearing the old one. Once worn, our system will deliver a new HUD to you. We have changed our retreat reward system slightly so now you can receive some of our Jingjing products and accessories as a reward.  We have also set the system to give you a free pack of Mini Egg Rolls every 25 retreats.

Gemstone servers can no be used in mulitples on your land.  So if you have more than one server, be sure to rezz them all and update them by clicking on the menu button that says UPDATE.  With this update we are allowing for lands to host more than one server again. We have also implemented the Sparkly and Glowing stones so find one to discover what it does. 

New HUDs can also be obtained in our vendors and new servers are for purchase in our store as well.  We thank you all for the feedback on making our system better and look forward to hear more feed back from you in the future.

Jingjings First Updates Ready Today!

2012-12-21 02:44:41 by Twstd Ruggles

Ni hao JIngjing Master,
We are sending over an updater box to all users in our database so that you can update your Jingjings to the new version. This box should be rezzed by your Jingjings and their homes. Once you click the updater box it will update both your pets and their homes to the current working version. Listed below are fixes and revisions we made to the system. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in open chat of our JIngjings Breedable Pets group. If you have problem or trouble with your updates please file at ticket on our website at http://jingjing.info 

An updater box can also be obtained by visiting our store.

Thank you,
Twstd & Abu Ruggles-Ashby


Fixes & Revisions


Pets should home faster, and respond to being called to home - fixed

Option to manually add pets to home instead of just automatically. - implemented

Play card game, only half of points played should be lost/gained - implemented

Pet should eat from food that is set to dynasty mode - fixed

Pets should drop eggs even if frozen - fixed

NO eggs dropped when they are not homed - fixed

Jingjing disappearing when naming them with characters & and # - fixed

Eye color changing from black to blue/green - fixed

Prim distortion when switching to movement or no movement - fixed

various small glitches also worked on.

RFL One Of A Kind Auction this Saturday

2012-12-12 14:39:07 by Twstd Ruggles

Saturday, December 15th @ 2pm SLT
The 2nd Annual Breedable Collectors Auction
Streaming LIVE across Second Life!

Featuring an unequaled selection of One-of-a-Kind items from the biggest names in breedables, ALL in support of Relay For Life! 

** ALL INTERESTED BIDDERS MUST PRE-REGISTER TO PARTICIPATE IN THE LIVE BIDDING!! here http://slchristmasexpo.wordpress.com/ooak-breedable-auction/ for more information.

Jingjings have donated a Limited Edition, one of a kind Dragon Home.  In the pack we have also included a copy of all 6 limited edition Jingjings in our system as well as a jumbo pack of Egg Rolls.


Clarifications About New Eggs vs. Old Eggs

2012-12-06 23:22:26 by Twstd Ruggles

There seems to be some confusion going around so we want to clarify that all new starter eggs were only changed to add some newer breeds and traits in them.  The starter eggs are not  containing any rare traits from the system and will not mean your old eggs are of no value.  There are plenty of rare traits hardly out there that the old eggs are giving out.  Today someone birthed Giant and new tail from old eggs. So please do not panic, no good or rare traits are in the new starter eggs. If you seen starter egg with rare trait, we would like to know about so we can monitor our database and correct any errors.  Thank you.

48 Hour Half Price Sale starts now!

2012-12-06 11:09:20 by Twstd Ruggles

Since we didn't have half price sale last month we are making Decembers sale for 48 hours starting now.  Today we have put out the Mini Starter pack at half price in our store and RFL Christmas Expo. Happy Holidays!!  

RFL Christmas Expo Starts Today

2012-12-06 11:09:10 by Twstd Ruggles

We are proudly participating in the RFL Christmas Expo that starts today.  We a remote Holiday Jingjing Store set up on the RFL sim.  Come show your support for Relay For Life and purchase a Limited Edition Christmas Tree - Home.  We have 2 different Christmas trees you can pick from that you can use as homes for your Jingjings.  All proceeds for these trees will go to benefit Relay For Life.  Stop by and say hi. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Xmas%20Expo%202/147/58/22


New Xmas Limited Editions & New Breeds/Traits in Starters

2012-12-05 01:26:06 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,
We are happy to announce that we have added new traits and breeds to the system and they can be obtained by purchasing new eggs from the store. They can also be found in our new Christmas Limited Edition Eggs. They are now available at the store for purchase. Picture of the 2 new guys are below. Due to new glitches found we are still working hard to get out our first update. Shouldn't be too much longer so just keep an eye on notices for their release.


November Winners!!

2012-12-02 14:15:08 by Twstd Ruggles


First I want to congratulate the winners of our Zhanzheng Battle Awards Program.  The following people are the winners for November:

Top Dynasty

1st Place - Blue lotus of shanghai - (ladykrystalis Resident, Smog Toocool, BigJohn Troglodite, lilliana Levee)


Top Pet/Owner


[BigJohn Troglodite]


Congratulation winners and thanks for your active participation in Zhanzheng Battles!!


Now for the land decorating contest winners:

1st Place - Sephiroth Soulstar

2nd Place- Emmirose Resident

3rd Place - Tie - Orchidsofdove Resident & Avatar Ametza

Congrats and thanks to all who entered and decorated their land so our Jingjings feel right at home.


December Zhanzheng program has started so get your pets and start battling.  December's prizes for Dynasty will be a copy of both Xmas Limited Edition Jingjings and the top pet and owner will win 6 Egg Starter Pack! Good luck everyone!



Gemstone Hunt Exploit

2012-11-29 00:57:35 by Twstd Ruggles

An exploit on the gemstone hunt has been discovered and we have put new gemstones in the gemstone hunt servers. All stones will now be version 1.1 and 1.0 stones are no longer working with our system.  If you have any 1.0 gemstones in your inventory, please box them all up and file a ticket on our website. A CSR will contact you and will replaces your old ones with new ones. 



This can be done by click the top of your server and selecting Yes from the drop down window when asked if you want to update your server.  The old one will disappear and the new one will be delivered to you.  Please be sure your not in busy mode when updating your servers or you may not get the new one.

Thank you.

Glitch with Naming Jingjings

2012-11-18 12:58:50 by Twstd Ruggles

We are finding a pattern of Jingjings breaking when you name your pet with symbols and characters that are not of the english language. We are asking you to please rename your Jingjings in english alphabet to prevent further problems with your pets breaking. Thank you


*** Chinese***




Nous constatons un modèle de rupture Jingjings lorsque vous nommez votre animal de compagnie avec des symboles et des caractères qui ne sont pas de la langue anglaise. Nous vous demandons de s'il vous plaît renommer vos Jingjings dans l'alphabet anglais pour prévenir d'autres problèmes avec vos animaux de rupture. Merci


Vi finner ett mönster av Jingjings bryta när du namnge ditt husdjur med symboler och tecken som inte är av det engelska språket. Vi ber dig att vänligen döpa om Jingjings i engelska alfabetet för att förhindra ytterligare problem med ditt husdjur sönder. Tack


Vi finner ett mönster av Jingjings bryta När du namnge ditt husdjur med symboler och Tecken som inte är av det finska språket. Vi ber dig att vänligen dopa om Jingjings i finska alfabetet ATT förhindra ytterligare ongelma med ditt husdjur Sønder. Naulata



Estamos encontrando un patrón de Jingjings romper cuando el nombre de su mascota con símbolos y caracteres que no son del idioma Inglés. Le estamos pidiendo que por favor cambie el nombre en el alfabeto Inglés Jingjings para evitar más problemas con sus mascotas romperse. ¡Gracias


Stiamo trovando un modello di rottura quando si Jingjings nome del tuo animale domestico con simboli e caratteri che non sono della lingua inglese. Vi chiediamo per favore rinominare i Jingjings in lingua Inglese, per evitare ulteriori problemi con i vostri animali domestici rottura. Grazie



Nós estamos encontrando um padrão de Jingjings quebrando ao nomear seu animal de estimação com os símbolos e personagens que não são do idioma Inglês. Estamos pedindo que, por favor renomear seus Jingjings no Alfabeto Inglês para evitar mais problemas com seus animais de estimação de ruptura. Obrigado



Wir finden ein Muster von JingJings brechen, wenn Sie Ihr Haustier zu nennen mit Symbolen und Zeichen, die nicht der Englisch. Wir bitten Sie, benennen Sie bitte JingJings in Englisch Alphabet, um weitere Probleme mit Ihrem Haustier zu brechen verhindern. Danke



Jingjing Themed Land & Store Contest

2012-11-15 01:55:41 by Twstd Ruggles

We are launching another contest for all those who have Jingjing themed stores and land. We will be giving 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes to the top 3 locations. Judges will be Twstd, Abu and ShayneTaylor and we will start judging and visiting all locations starting November 25th. Winners will be announced on November 28th. If you want to be considered for the contest just post your land here http://jingjing.info/index.php?page=forum&function=view&cat=0&id=82 . All who do are entered in the contest. Prizes are as follows. 

1st place - 6 Egg starter pack 
2nd place - 2 Egg starter pack 
3rd place - Both Thanksgiving Limited Editions Gan en & Chaosheng 
Good luck!! 

Q & A at Twilight Breedables on Thursday 11/14 @ 1pm slt

2012-11-14 15:46:00 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters,
We will be having a Q & A and battle demonstrations tomorrow at Twilight Breedables. We will go through how to play the card game and give tips on best strategies. Bring your pets because we are giving away free eggs to anyone who battles atleast 1 pet tomorrow. 

Zhanzheng Awards Program Guidelines

2012-11-10 02:14:23 by Twstd Ruggles

 Ni hao JIngjing Masters, Thanks to all have given feed back and concerns about the Zhanzheng Awards Program.  As you know this month we are giving away 12 pack of eggs to top pet on the leader board and 6 pack of eggs to the dynasty and participating members at the top of the dynasty leader board.  We have set some guidelines for the monthly awards program as to eliminate cheating or unfair play. Please read below for all the details. Thank you and good luck everyone!!


****Zhanzheng Awards Program Guidelines****

We have set some guidelines for the Zhanzheng Battle Rewards program so that monthly prizes are earned fairly.

*****Earning Battle Points*****

For every battle won your pet will receive 1 battle point on his stats. For every battle he loses, his battle points will decrease by 1. The object is to increase the amount of battle points on your pets stats so he can climb the ranks and achieve higher ranks. All pets start in Garnet status, once his battle points have reached 11, then he will move up to next rank which is Topaz and so on... You can find all rankings and points chart at our store or in your starter packs.

***Leader Board Points for Dynasties***
The leader board points reflect an average score of all pets in the Dynasty who are showing battle points in their stats.

***Leader Board Points for Pet***
The points you see on the leader board reflect the battle points your Jingjing is showing in its stats.

***Qualifications for Awards Program***

If you are trying to win monthly prizes for your pet and/or Dynasty then the following requirements must be met.

1. Pets must participate in real battles with other Jingjings. Anyone found fake battling just to give your pet a battle point will not be able to win the monthly prize. Our database will alert us when excessive fake battling is occurring so we will adjust your pets battle points at the end of the month to reflect the real battles your pet has won.

2. To qualify your dynasty for monthly prize, you must have AT LEAST 3 dynasty members with AT LEAST 1 pet battling in the ranks each. Any dynasty with 2 or less members will not be eligible to win prizes. Only members whose pets have battled will be eligible for the monthly awards prize. All non battling members in dynasty will not qualify for the prize.

3. Cheating of any kind will disqualify your pet from the monthly awards prize so please be kind and courteous and show good sportsmanship when battling other Jingjings.

Thanksgiving LE's now availabl for purchase!

2012-11-10 01:47:06 by Twstd Ruggles


 Our Thanksgiving LE's are now available inside our store at Expressions.  These cuties are great gifts for the family and will only be available for purchase till Thanksgiving Day on November 22nd.  Below is a photo of the female version. Enjoy!!


Sneek Peak of Limited Edition Thanksgiving Special

2012-11-08 12:03:32 by Twstd Ruggles

Jingjing Auction @ The Breeders Borough Friday @ 6pm slt

2012-11-08 10:26:04 by Twstd Ruggles



Jingjing Auction Friday November 2nd @ 5pm slt at Twilight B

2012-11-01 22:32:26 by Twstd Ruggles

There will be an auction this Friday at 5pm SLT AT TWILIGHT BREEDABLES!! Panels are up and ready if you'd like to come set up early!! For more information you can contact orchidsofdove Resident. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Twilight%20Realm/54/37/33

Zhanzheng Battle Demonstration Friday @ 3pm slt

2012-10-24 23:21:28 by Twstd Ruggles

Ni hao Jingjing Masters,
Please join us Friday at 3pm slt at Willow Rose Ranch for some card game demonstrations. We will go through the very simple process of battling Jingjings, giving tips and tricks on best way to play. If you want to battle your Jingjing bring him over and we will make you get a hands on lesson on how to play. Remember your pet must have qualified deck of cards which means they must have at least 1 power point per card. Also your pet must be at least 3 days old. 

Anyone who participates in a battle will get a free Jingjing egg.  (1 egg per person)



Half Price Starter Pack Once a Month!

2012-10-23 12:22:34 by Twstd Ruggles

 To show our appreciation to all our customers, we will be pick a random day out of the month every month that we will choose one of our starter packs and set it for sale in the store at HALF PRICE.  The pack will stay in the store for 24 hours and you are allowed to buy as many as you wish.  Still few days left in this month so keep your eyes out for notice when our first pack goes up for sale.

Glitch with Frozen Feature on the Home

2012-10-16 01:22:48 by Twstd Ruggles

We have found a problem when using the Frozen feature, so please do not use it to avoid having problems with your Jingjings.  We are fixing it now and we will have it fixed on our first update to come shortly. Thank you.

SL Breedables Halloween Hunt starts Today

2012-10-15 13:38:24 by Twstd Ruggles

Hey guys we are proudly participating in the new Halloween Hunt given by the Hunts R Us people.  You can buy the required HUD to hunt and grab prizes at the vendor in front of our store.  This hunt we have the brand new Jioalong Shoulder Pet hidden somewhere on the sim.  Happy Hunting. 

Zhanzheng Battle Rewards Program starts in November

2012-10-14 14:28:44 by Twstd Ruggles

Ni hao Jingjing Masters,

We know alot of you are working hard at hunting stones to get your pets geared up for Zhanzheng battling. Starting in November, we will be starting our Rewards Program.  Last day of each month we will be awarding gifts and prizes to those at the top of the leader boards.  If your pet is in the number 1 slot by the end of November, the Jingjing Master will receive a 12 pack of Jingjing Eggs.  All members of the Dynasty at the top of the leader board will receive a 6 pack of Jingjing Eggs. Each month the rewards can change so keep your eye out for the announcement each month.  Don't forget climbing the leaderboard can also unlock some surprises to your Jingjings. Keep an eye for notices on upcoming demonstrations on how to play the Zhanzheng game if you don't know how to play yet.

Fright Night Expo start October 9th - Get your Halloween LE

2012-10-07 17:26:35 by Twstd Ruggles

Ni hao JIngjing Masters,
The Fright Night Expo will start October 9th and for those who attend you will get a chance to see our display and the displays of other breedable pets in SL. Our Halloween display will have the Halloween LE Nangua Tou available for purchase for those who want one. Be sure to visit all our displays for the trick or treat pumpkins that will be giving away treats and some tricks. You can click them every 2 hours until you find your treat. 


Jingjings Now Available to the Public!!

2012-10-01 11:36:24 by Twstd Ruggles

The full line of Jingjing Products are now officially on sale at both locations in SL. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Expressions/128/128/2 


Jingjing Public Release Party @ Huntress Breedables 2pm slt

2012-10-01 02:22:53 by Twstd Ruggles

Ni hoa Jingjing Masters,
Please join us on October 1st at the Huntress Breedables sim as they host our Jingjing Party to help celebrate the public release of our breedable system. Party will kick off at 2pm slt and will continue through 6pm slt. Music line up is listed below. We will also be giving away Jingjing eggs, gifts and prizes. So put on your dancing shoes and meet us on the dance floor!!


JingJing Release Party Entertainment Line up
2 pm slt LIVe in concert FRANCK MOLKO
3 pm slt with the Lovely Dj Ari Cheng
4pm slt with the HOT and Rocking Dj Jazzy Greene
5pm slt with the Music Piper DJ Irish Evermore

Pre Sale Order Pack Delivery Today

2012-09-28 02:04:44 by Twstd Ruggles

Ni hao Jingjing Masters,
Today is the big day for pre sale pack orders. Just want to let you know delivery should be starting sometime this afternoon. Also please *NOTE* your pack will not be delivered unless you are online. If you are offline the system will not deliver. So when you are online please keep an eye out for your package and careful not to throw it out. Have a great day and hope to see you all at the Q & A at 1pm slt at the Elisa location.

Pre Sale Order Packs tomorrow & Q & A session @ 1pm slt

2012-09-27 15:05:43 by Twstd Ruggles

Since pre sale packs are coming out tomorrow we will be holding at Q & A session at our Elisa location tomorrow at 1pm slt.  Come with all your questions. We will be raffling off some goodies tomorrow as well so don't miss it.


Twstd Ruggles

Gemstone Hunt Game Servers and Detectors Available Now

2012-09-24 01:07:58 by Twstd Ruggles

Ni hao Jingjing Masters,
Happy to announce you can now purchase Hunt detectors and servers in both our locations. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND YOU MUST HAVE 1/2 SIM OR LARGER AND ON LINDEN GROUND. NO USE IN SKY OR ON TOP OF PRIMS.
Special Sponsor Vendors marked in the store for our Official Sponsors.  landmarks to both locations are below





Gemstone Hunt Servers and Detectors coming this Monday 9/24

2012-09-22 02:41:34 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters, 

We know you are  all anxious to get your Jingjings on the 1st and get hunting for gemstones so we will be putting up vendors in both our locations this Monday, September 24th. ** If you plan to host a server on your please remember its very important that you have atleast a half sim or larger and set it down on linden ground. The server will not function if you do not have both required environments to properly host it.**  

Also ALL SPONSORS you can purchase your servers at a discount price from the special box on the floor marked "Sponsor Vendor".  So make sure you purchase your servers from the box and not from the vendors inside the store.

If anyone is hosting a server on their land please post a slurl to your land here in our forum http://jingjing.info/index.php?page=forum&function=view&cat=5&id=54

Happy Hunting!

Beta Gemstone Hunt now over

2012-09-20 11:21:09 by Twstd Ruggles

We are disabling all gemstone servers on the grid so please just throw them out as they are no longer useful for public release.
If anyone wants to host the gemstone hunt game on your land for public release, they will be available for purchase this Monday at both our store locations. You can post your land and slurl locations on our forum so people know your hosting the hunt. http://jingjing.info/index.php?page=forum&function=addanswer&id=54

Open/Closed Beta ends next Saturday September 22nd

2012-09-15 11:51:23 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao Jingjing Masters, the time is approaching for us to end beta.  This will be your last week with your beta jingjings.  Next weekend we will start making all Jingjijngs go poof and disappear.  Be sure to throw out all gemstones, homes and food as they will not work with public release versions of our system. Thank you all for your help in Open Beta.

Jingjing Public Release on October 1st

2012-09-14 16:45:46 by Twstd Ruggles

We are very happy to announce we will be releasing Jingjings to the public on October 1st.  We appreciate all that helped us get through beta.  We are excited to be able to provide you with a premium breedable pet completely tested by you.  Tomorrow, Sept 15th will be your last chance to get pre sale packs and then they will no longer be available.  Pre sale packs will be delivered 3 days prior to public release.  We have also moved our store to the expressions sim totally dedicated to Jingjing Breedable pets.   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Expressions/130/182/24

To celebrate the public release we have given our Jingjing Masters a public release challenge. Invite all your friends and family to the group and if we reach 500 members by October 1st, everyone one gets a very special limited edition shoulder pet and a free Jingjing Egg after public release.  Good luck all!!

Public Release Announcement Party @ Peapod Farms 9/14 @ 2pm

2012-09-12 13:58:48 by Twstd Ruggles

Ni hao Jingjing Masters!  Thanks to each and everyone one of you for gettting us to 400 members. As promised we will be announcing public release date.  Please join us at Peapod Farms for special tribute band show and party where we will be announcing public release date and raffling off some goodies.  Who is up for next challenge?? Lets get 500 people in the group and everyone gets limited edition gift that cannot be obtained in our store. Good Luck!! 

 http://slurl.com/secondlife/Obsessive%20Desires/152/101/21 Peapod Farms slurl

Pre Sale Packs Go Bye bye September 15th

2012-09-10 04:09:22 by Twstd Ruggles

Nihao all, just heads up that pre sale packs will be gone after September 15th.  You have 5 days left to get your pre sale pack if you are looking to have your products delivered 3 days prior to public release.  If not you can always pick up your supplies the day of public release.  Thank you.

Jingjing Picture

2012-09-04 01:02:35 by Twstd Ruggles

Thanks to Oshun Orisha for this beautiful photo she took of her beta jingjings. Great job Oshun!!


Moolto Sister Hunt all September Long

2012-09-03 02:30:09 by Twstd Ruggles


We are proudly participating in the Moolto Sister Hunt.  You can grab your special hunt glasses from the Moolto Kiosk from our store and start hunting. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elisa/95/116/22 This month we have hidden and are giving away the LE Yinglong Shoulder pet.  Happy Hunting!! 

Q & A at Xxtreme Oasis Breedable Market

2012-09-03 02:13:58 by Twstd Ruggles

Now that you all have some time to play with your open beta Jingjings, we know you have many questions, so join us today at Xxtreme Oasis as they host us for a Q & A session.  We will be raffling off some goodies so don't miss it!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Xxtreme%20Oasis%20Breedables/233/22/21

Hunts R Us Fashion Hunt

2012-08-31 00:24:13 by Twstd Ruggles

We are proudly participating in this hunt that started the other day.  If you want to be part of this hunt we are currently hiding a Jingjing Official Sweatsuit in our store. You can pick up a hunt HUD at their store http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vice%20Liberty/56/109/1001

Have fun and happy hunting!

**Open Beta Starts tomorrow 8/22/12***

2012-08-21 15:43:40 by Twstd Ruggles

We are happy to announce that Open Beta will start tomorrow.  If you haven't signed up yet, you have a chance to do it today by visiting our store and clicking the poster on the wall that says Open Beta Registration.  While you are there be sure you register for our website by clicking the other poster and using the password it gives you. Your open beta starter supplies will be delivered via our servers.  Your supplies will and can only be delivered if you are online.  If you are offline the system will wait until you sign on and then deliver your supplies.  So please be patient as we have alot of people in the open beta test and your supplies will be sent ASAP.  When you receive your supplies its important to read the notecard instructions so you know what to do and what to expect next.  We also have a section in our forum called OPEN BETA so please feel free to post and read that section during our test.  Lastly, the only rules to open beta is that if in the case you are having a problem with your supplies or jingjings that all issues be sent via Ticket on this website.  We will be unable to address any problems you have in our group, so please be sure to file a ticket.  If you have any general questions about the supplies or your jingjings our staff is happy to answer any questions in our group.  There will be no new group to join for Open Beta so please use the regular Jingjing Breedable Pet group to communicate with our staff and others during testing.  Thank you very much!

2012-07-31 04:30:15 by Twstd Ruggles

The Jingjing Breedable Pet Video is finally here. Check out these cute critters and how they work.  Get your presale packs now at our store and participating sponsors listed in the forum.

Winners of Official Sponsor Decor Contest

2012-07-25 15:24:18 by Twstd Ruggles

We want to thank everyone who participated in this contest. You all did an awesome job with your Jingjing themed stores.  Picking a winner was very difficult so we decided to pick a first, second, and third place.  Congrats to our winners. Names and prizes listed below.

1st place - Rik Atisso - Platinum Pre Sale Pack

2nd place - United Beck - Gold Pre Sale Pack

3rd place - Shagy Swashbuckler - Copper Pre Sale Pack

Prizes will be delivered 3 days prior to public release.

Pre Sale Packs for Sale at Jingjing Store

2012-07-22 15:13:19 by Twstd Ruggles

Now that our closed beta has birthed their first Jingjings, as promised we are setting out pre sale packs for those interested in a 3 day head start on the public release packs.  This special priced packs will only be available at the presale pack price.  These will packs will only be available for purchase until we are half way through OPEN BETA.  So grab your pack now before its too late. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elisa/95/118/22

For those not wanting to buy big supply of jingjings, you can get smaller packs of 2 at pubic release.  Food, home, medicinal herbs and eggs will all be available for purchase separately in our store at public release.

Jingjings Beta Blogger

2012-07-17 23:35:40 by Twstd Ruggles

For those who want to see whats going on with beta, you can check out blogger from Tracy Sparrowtree who is participating in beta.  You can see some exclusive photos and information about the progress of her beta test. http://breedablesinc.com/2012/07/14/jingjing-beta-update-and-new-revelations/

Jingjing Update

2012-07-16 14:48:07 by Twstd Ruggles

Just wanted to keep you all posted with the progress of the Jingjings.  Currently we are at the half way mark in closed beta.  Our beta test has been going smoothly and we are getting ready to start testing jingjing births.  Once our beta testers have birthed their first Jingjings we will put down presale order packs at the store for those who want to receive their Jingjing packs 3 days before public release.  We are excited in the progress we have made and will keep you posted as we keep going. Thank you.

***Jingjing Official Sponsor Land/Store Contest***

2012-07-11 00:14:20 by Twstd Ruggles

As appreciation to all our Jingjing Official Sponsors, we are kicking off a contest for those who enter. Only requirement is that you are an official sponsor to participate. If you aren't a sponsor and want to be one, its free to sign up at our store. Just click the box for an application and fill out the form.

July 23rd we will start our tour of Official sponsors who have entered the contest. We are looking for the land/store decorated in our Jingjing Chinese theme. Once we have visited all land and store locations we will be picking the winner who will receive a fat pack of Jingjing supplies 3 days before public release. This pack will include eggs and starter supplies as well as other Jingjing accessory and goodies.

How do you enter? Just go to our forum on the website here http://jingjing.info/index.php?page=forum&function=view&cat=10&id=30 and post your land/store slurl so we can easily visit your land in consideration for the contest.

Good luck to you all!!

4th of July SL Breedables Hunt

2012-07-03 13:06:58 by Twstd Ruggles

Hi everyone,
We are proudly participating in the July 4th Breedable Hunt which starts today. There are over 42 breedable locations giving away some pretty awesome prizes. To participate just go down to our store and purchase a hunt HUD from the vendor in front of the poster for only 50L and then start hunting. Have fun!!

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elisa/95/116/22  slurl to the store

About Official Sponsorship

2012-06-26 17:19:41 by Twstd Ruggles

For those who don't know, being an official sponsor is free. The only requirement is that you own the land or store in which have rights to drop atleast 60 prims (smallest display). Sponsors will be given affiliate vendors for our products to sell in your stores at a percentage of the sales when we release to the public. 
If you have applied for sponsorship and has not been given a sponsor kit, its because you didn't own the land or had enough prims available for our display. Sponsors may host Q&A's on their lands upon request.

Silk Road 3 Hunt starts today!

2012-06-01 08:31:56 by Abu Ashby

We are proudly participating in the Hunt of ALL hunts in SL.  Over 130 stores participating in this hunt giving away a bunch of goodies.  The Hunt starts at Imperial Palace. Here is the limo to get started http://slurl.com/secondlife/Mieville%20Dickens/94/61/26

 Have fun and good luck!!

List of closed Beta Testers not registered with the website

2012-05-29 00:59:53 by Twstd Ruggles

If your name is on this list please get registered ASAP please!! You must be registered to be in beta test group.  You can register by going to our store and clicking the poster on the wall that says Website Registration.  Ill poster will give you a password for you to log on to this website with using your first and last SL name.  Once all testers are in the beta tester group and registered to the website we can proceed with passing out the first supplies for beta testing.  Thank You.

Ruby Praga
noturna Back
Shagy Swashbuckler
Cindylee Hastings
Terri Gant
katinhaaxd Resident
SynsualSyn Sawson
Sierrah Avon
Polyserena Darkstone
Kitty Moore
Tyga00 Resident
Joey Tuchs
Mickey Geest
Dankner Klaar
rik atisso
Eccentric Resident
cat mcminnar

Closed Beta Tester Group

2012-05-28 01:27:44 by Twstd Ruggles

Ni Hao Jingjing Masters,

We have opened a closed beta tester group and have invited everyone to the group who belongs in closed beta.  If you did not get the group invite please open group chat for the regular Jingjing group and ask a staff member to resend you the invite. Once ALL members are in the group we will be sending out the first pack of supplies with instructions on how to proceed. Thanks for your patience as we properly organize our test group.

Final 7 for closed beta

2012-05-25 15:23:43 by Twstd Ruggles

Throwing in an extra one as we wish all could be in closed beta.  If you haven't been chosen, we are very sorry and promise you a spot in open beta.  Here are the final 7:

Raina Winterwolf
Jeni Porta
Ruby Praga
Miyah Core
Sase Xaron
Sweetypiiie Honi
Littleprincesl Resident

Early next week we will be sending out your first set of supplies so keep an eye out for beta tester group invite and notice of instructions.

Jingjing Q & A

2012-05-25 01:36:14 by Twstd Ruggles

Ni hao everone!

We have 2 Q & A's set up for this weekend.  First one will be at the RFL 2012 Breedables Expo tomorrow, Friday at 2pm slt. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/RFL%20Breedables%20Fair/205/168/23  Then we will be doing a Q & A at The Breedables Paradise Market at the Jingjing Glass house on Saturday May 26th at 2pm slt. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Purple%20Sky/194/35/23 Come with all your questions!! Hope to see you all there.

6 spots still Open in Closed Beta

2012-05-23 01:30:34 by Twstd Ruggles

Ni hao Jingjing Masters,

We are raffling off the last 6 slots in closed beta to those who make a purchase at our display for the RFL 2012 Breedables Expo. We are currently selling the Jingjing Shoulder Pet and the Animated Yinglong Treasure Chest.  All sales are being donated to the RFL cause.  So show you support and get in the raffle for the last 6 spots of closed beta.  Final 6 will be announced this Friday May 25th at 3pm slt.  Good Luck!

**Attention all closed beta testers**

First thing next week we will be inviting you to beta testers group and get your supplies to start testing ASAP.  Please watch the group in SL or  the website to keep up with whats going on!

Jingjing Closed Beta Participants

2012-05-22 04:07:23 by Twstd Ruggles

This process was very difficult because we know that so many of you wanted to be part of closed beta.  For those who didn't make the closed beta will be assured a spot in the open beta.  Thanks very much all for your support to the Jingjings.

Note there are 49 members listed below!! A final 6 more spots will be given away this week in honor of the RFL 2012 Breedables Expo. Be sure to join the group an check this site for more details.

**Closed Beta Testers**

Ariane Dereham
Wraith Belgar
noturna Back
Shagy Swashbuckler  
Brieanna Macpherson
Spiker Upshaw
Redhawk Chronowire
AlexMoonstones Resident
bish6089 Resident
Diva Larsson
Cindylee Hastings
Terri Gant
LadyWhiteWolf Shieldmaiden
Spiffy Canningham
katinhaaxd Resident
SynsualSyn Sawson
Chills Nadezda
Luckystrike Maven
Sierrah Avon
Polyserena Darkstone
Kitty Moore
Tyga00 Resident
Joey Tuchs
Mickey Geest
Ryann Slade
AngelEyez Magic
Sher Silvercloud
Mi Milena
Sasch Petrov
FlozZ Breil
dragon336 resident
Tracy Sparrowtree
altza keng
bellasj blackheart
Alsya Destiny
FoxyJen Quintessa
Cordelia Serenity
Creed Bimbogami
Jordann Russell
pippalilly resident
Dankner Klaar  
rik atisso  
crux huntress
Eccentric Resident
faye huntress
BamaLady Resident
SlimSlimma80s Back
cat mcminnar

***If your name is on this list, please stand by for further instructions via group notice or this website. Please do not contact us and ask what next?? We promise we will proceed with instructions within the next couple of days. Thank you!***

Jingjings Are Hungry!!

2012-05-20 20:50:25 by Twstd Ruggles

So the archaeologist have been spending numerous hours studying the jingjings so they can help us properly care for them. For days the jingjings would not eat!! They tried fruits, nuts, grains and meat products with no luck.  Last night they were up late pulling their hair out desperate to find food for jingjings. So late in the evening they ordered chinese take out and took a break to eat.  Would you know they turned around and there was Albert our Shenlong jingjing crunching on EGG ROLLS!! Who new right?Jingjings love egg rolls!!

Q & A at Relay For Life 2012 Breedables Fair

2012-05-19 16:03:19 by Twstd Ruggles

Ni hao everyone, We are scheduled to do 2 Q & A's this week at the Relay For Life Breedables Fair so mark your calendars for this Monday, May 21st at 4pm slt and Wednesday 23rd at 1pm slt. Please come down and grill us with questions! :) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/RFL%20Breedables%20Fair/201/171/23

Relay for Life 2012 Fair starts Saturday at 6am slt

2012-05-18 15:45:08 by Twstd Ruggles

Ni hao, Just wanted to give you guys heads up about the big RFL 2012 fair starts this Saturday May 19th at 6am slt. We have some goodies for sale that will go to benefit RFL. Come down and see how you can get first peek at the Yinglong breed of jingjings. This one is actually one of my favorites and i am excited to be sharing him with you all at the fair. They have lots of stuff going on as well as a big raffle and we currently have a vendor for raffle tickets and info about the fair down in our store.

Sponsor Page

2012-05-14 15:56:18 by Twstd Ruggles

Our Official Sponsor page is now up and running.  You can see a list of our sponsors here http://jingjing.info/index.php?page=sponsors

If you are a sponsor and don't see your logo and slurl on the page, please contact me and send me your slurl and logo on a notecard so i can post it on the page.  Thank you.

Jingjing Q & A today 5/14/12 at 1pm slt - Huntress Breedable

2012-05-14 02:55:10 by Twstd Ruggles

Please join us tomorrow at the Huntress Breedables sim as they host a Q & A session with the creators of Jingjing Breedable Pets.  Stop by and ask any and all questions you want.  We will be there for 2 hour so be sure to stop by and hang out. Here is slurl http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Haven%20Beach/23/115/21

Official Sponsors Wanted!

2012-05-07 16:52:41 by Twstd Ruggles

Ni'hao, We are currently accepting applications at our store from anyone interested in being a Jingjing Official Sponsor.  Becoming a sponsor means you will recieve a Jingjing display for your land, affiliate vendors at public release, special offers and gifts as well as having your logo and slurl listed on our website.  We have small, medium and large size displays for our sponsors land.  If you want to be a sponsor just drop by our store and fill out an application.  If you have any questions, please contact us in world.  Here is a photo of our large sized display...

Jingjing Breedable Pet Official Sponsor Display

Who wants to see the Jingjings!!

2012-04-29 14:42:36 by Twstd Ruggles

Nǐ hǎo,
We have a couple demos in the store as well as beta tester applications.  Anyone who wants to be part of our beta will need to fill out the application in full and drop it back in the box.  We have a closed beta and an open beta. If you aren't accepted in closed beta, you are guaranteed to be part of open beta. You can also click the poster for website registration for those wanting to sign up for our website. Click the poster for your password & log in with your SL name.  

Jingjings in The News & Blogs

2012-04-02 16:18:26 by Twstd Ruggles

Nǐ hǎo future Jingjing Masters!! The Jingjing Information Center is officially open in Second Life  and can be found here. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elisa/95/116/22  Jingjings are still in alpha testing and we are hoping it won't be too long now for beta testing to start.  Be sure to check here or in our group to find out when applications for beta testers are available at the store. 

Also keep an eye out for when registrations opens to sign up for this website.  We expect this to start early next week.  In the meantime if you haven't seen our the article written by SL Enquirer you can  read about them here http://www.slenquirer.com/2012/03/jingjing-breedables-coming-soon-pandora.html.

You can also find good reading on breedable pets at http://breedablesinc.com/ and http://www.sygnus.org/secondlifepets/ .  Thank you to these wonderful bloggers for bringing our pet to the attention of their readers.


The Jingjing Breedable Pet Staff

Welcome Future Jingjing Masters

2012-03-26 05:04:03 by Twstd Ruggles

Nǐ hǎo, on behalf of LZ Productions, I would like to thank you all for your interest in our upcoming breedable pet Jingjings!! We know you are all excited to hear about these cute little critters. Be sure to check out the Legend section of this website to find out about their origin and how they got here. Please visit our website often as I will be posting more information and some sneek peek photos of various varieties of Jingjing pets. Be sure to join our group in Second Life called Jingjing Breedable Pets. Join the group or keep on eye on this website to hear about the public release, beta tester qualifications and job openings in the Jingjing staff. In the meantime, join the website and start chatting in our forum! Zàijiàn

View all


# Name Points

Cute but Deadly



Blue lotus of shanghai










# Name Points


[maros Dasmijn]




[maros Dasmijn]




[maros Dasmijn]




[maros Dasmijn]




[maros Dasmijn]




[maros Dasmijn]




[maros Dasmijn]




[BigJohn Troglodite]




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[maros Dasmijn]